Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ArticleQueen: New Online Article Rewrite Tool!

Being webmasters with native language different than English, there is a big problem how to get fresh, high quality, unique content for their blogs, websites.

Now, they have new choice: the guys at ArticleQueen provide an excellent article rewrite tool that can be used for generation of unlimited unique content by few mouse clicking.

As they claim, this is state of art, new generation article rewriter tool with build-in lexical analyzer. The tool lexically analyzes your text and suggests in-context alternative synonyms that will be used while spinning new articles.

They seem to have big synonym database, very smart synonym generator and very friendly, easy-to-use user interface.

Give a try!

Friday, March 6, 2009

CuocthiSEO: Game Over!

Game over! Winnerofcuocthiseo is a loser :( !

I see few reasons why my blog finishes at second page (few times it has get on first page, on 6th and 8th place, but for very short time):

1. Competitors are very strong - That's GREAT and I am really pleased!

2. I lost second supporting blog for violating TOS (I guess some of competitors reported my blog as SEO spam blog to Wordpress and caused my blog being suspended. However, the mistake was my: didn't read carefully the Wordpress's TOS).

3. I didn't invest enough into contest.

4. Wrong SEO tactics that good for long run, not suitable for short SEO contest.

CONGRATULATIONS to WINNERS and look forward to seeing you in next SEO contest!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CuocthiSEO: Finally my blog has been fully indexed!

Today I have checked and found that my blog has been fully indexed by Google. See search query for details.

However, my blog is not on the top spot when searching for the blog url and not all pages are listed on the result (see search query for details). I guess the reason is that my site's data is not available in all Google data center.

Actually, I can't find my site when searching for contest's keywords cuocthiSEO, but some keyword ranking monitor tools do. Digital Point Keywords Tracker reports my blog at 80th place, and SEO Web tools - Google page rankings: 1000 SERPs Top Position Rankings web tool says my blog on 51th spot. That's not bad for beginning at all :) .

Today a big change has been noticed at the top rankings: cuocthiseo-seo dot co dot cc lost first place and on end of 6th page. As SEO experts usually say, this may be temporary and will get back after few days, or over-optimization penalty hits :) .

Look forward to coming days to see my blog at top spot :) .

Sunday, December 21, 2008

cuocthiSEO: My last post has been index within 30 minutes!

Good news from Google!

My last post at cuocthiSEO has been indexed within 30 minutes! Even older posts aren't still!

That's very strange, Google! I guess Google doesn't like term "Stupid Google" as my post has and tries to understand why I say it's stupid :).

Today the ranking has been significantly changed: the cuocthiSEO dot com left the first spot and new site cuocthiseo-seo dot co dot cc grabbed it.

Personally, I like new rankings and I think contest organizer likes it also, because this is exact answer to complaints that the contest is not fair by cuocthiseo dot com joining.

I am impatiently awaiting for indexing my blog home page and seeing my blog at the top spots :) .

My cuocthiSEO blog is still not indexed!

Google is very slow in indexing, even my blog is hosted by Blogger that owned by Google.

Actually, my Digg page holds 8th place. That's good signal. Logically, original page should be ranked higher than Digg page for the same keyword, because theoretically Google loves original content, my blog is original and Digg page is only link to the page. However, I don' think that Google is too smart to understand that :D .

I expect that my blog should be index within this week.

For fun: I just tried to google a image with keywords "Stupid Google" and found this funny picture that says how smart is Google:

That's good, Google! :D