Friday, March 6, 2009

CuocthiSEO: Game Over!

Game over! Winnerofcuocthiseo is a loser :( !

I see few reasons why my blog finishes at second page (few times it has get on first page, on 6th and 8th place, but for very short time):

1. Competitors are very strong - That's GREAT and I am really pleased!

2. I lost second supporting blog for violating TOS (I guess some of competitors reported my blog as SEO spam blog to Wordpress and caused my blog being suspended. However, the mistake was my: didn't read carefully the Wordpress's TOS).

3. I didn't invest enough into contest.

4. Wrong SEO tactics that good for long run, not suitable for short SEO contest.

CONGRATULATIONS to WINNERS and look forward to seeing you in next SEO contest!