Sunday, December 21, 2008

cuocthiSEO: My last post has been index within 30 minutes!

Good news from Google!

My last post at cuocthiSEO has been indexed within 30 minutes! Even older posts aren't still!

That's very strange, Google! I guess Google doesn't like term "Stupid Google" as my post has and tries to understand why I say it's stupid :).

Today the ranking has been significantly changed: the cuocthiSEO dot com left the first spot and new site cuocthiseo-seo dot co dot cc grabbed it.

Personally, I like new rankings and I think contest organizer likes it also, because this is exact answer to complaints that the contest is not fair by cuocthiseo dot com joining.

I am impatiently awaiting for indexing my blog home page and seeing my blog at the top spots :) .

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