Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CuocthiSEO: Finally my blog has been fully indexed!

Today I have checked and found that my blog has been fully indexed by Google. See search query for details.

However, my blog is not on the top spot when searching for the blog url and not all pages are listed on the result (see search query for details). I guess the reason is that my site's data is not available in all Google data center.

Actually, I can't find my site when searching for contest's keywords cuocthiSEO, but some keyword ranking monitor tools do. Digital Point Keywords Tracker reports my blog at 80th place, and SEO Web tools - Google page rankings: 1000 SERPs Top Position Rankings web tool says my blog on 51th spot. That's not bad for beginning at all :) .

Today a big change has been noticed at the top rankings: cuocthiseo-seo dot co dot cc lost first place and on end of 6th page. As SEO experts usually say, this may be temporary and will get back after few days, or over-optimization penalty hits :) .

Look forward to coming days to see my blog at top spot :) .

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