Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is on-site optimization?

We said that on-site optimization is one of two big steps of SEO. We do this optimization from beginning when we start establishing the website.

In this step, we optimize pages of our website for our targeted keywords.

In common principle, the keywords should be included in all parts of the page. They are

- Domain name: If you can purchase domain name that includes our targeted keywords, it's the best. If you can't, don't be sad :) .

- Title: use the keywords in the title of page.

- Description: write short description about the page, with included keywords you are optimizing for.

- Use keywords in all HTML tags as possible: H1, H2, H3, bold text, strong text, image alternative text etc.

Note that care about keywords density that SEs don't penalize you for keywords spamming. I have read some where that 10-12% keywords density is good ratio.

- All content should be unique content. You can't be ranked highly with duplicated content that copied from another sites, even your site can be penalized and removed from SERP for duplicated contents.

- Add your content regularly.

The second thing you should care in on-page optimization is site structure and navigation. Website should have logic structure and easy to be navigated. Every pages should have link to upper pages, including home page with correct anchor text.

Oops, I thing there should be much more things to do on on-site optimizing, but that are the most basic matter that every webmaster should care ;).

That's all for now, we'd have break.

Now it's a off-site optimization time for CuocthiSEO :) .

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